Mr. Subhash Saini, born in Rajasthan,
Started his journey in 1994 as a supervisor in GIDC Surat.

Mr. Subhash Saini, born in Rajasthan, started his journey in 1994 as a supervisor in GIDC Surat, but having a vision and dream to became a person who provides employment to many other people and to provide the people of Rajasthan an affordable and low cost housing, he stepped in to construction sector in 1995.

In this field, he has constructed approximately 17,00,000sq.ft. area in Rajasthan. After years of efforts and hard work he achieved a remarkable and niche position in the real estate fraternity with GURUPRAGYA INFRA PVT. LTD.

And today it is truly said that, GURUPRAGYA INFRA PVT. LTD. has become a brand identical to the name of:

  • 1. Quality
  • 2. Punctuality
  • 3. Reliability
  • 4. Satisfaction
  • 5. Honesty
  • 6. Excellence
  • 7. Innovation


What we are leaving behind, just the benchmarks’ for our competitors in Rajasthan.

Mr.Saini is a very passionate and strong will man. Who believe in quality service to our customers. Excellence and innovation in work are basic requirement of success. As a good business man, he is always ready to support and guide his employees and the company as a whole in problems with his experience. But at the same time, Mr.Saini is fulfilling social responsibility and is an active philanthropist who also contributed to several social causes like school education, religious obligations, charitable function, public entertainment etc.

Chairman's Message

"A dream doesn’t become reality by magic. It takes determination, hard work and honesty"

This is the saying of Mr.Subhash Saini founder of Gurupragya Group.

The Gurupragya group comes into existence with a vision of pride, self-satisfaction, self-confidence which allows us to cater your needs in better manner. We identify the basic needs of individual and society on which they are lacking and struggling in their day to day life are security, pollution, scarcity of water, electricity problem and waste dumping etc. We are doing every such effort to conquer these problems by providing remedies in our projects like rain water harvesting plant, water treatment plant, sewerage treatment plant, solar heaters and providing more than 75% of area as landscape.

The group is always focusing on the common man irrespective of cast, creed & colour. We are confident that as an when you choose "GURUPRAGYA"; you are taking a step ahead into an extraordinary, bright and better future.

With this founding philosophy, the Group is confident of establishing a national leadership position. Keeping business growth apart, the Group is also intensely committed to play a key role in discharging its social obligations by adhering to specified norms of legal, environmental and ethical practices.

I sincerely thank you all for always standing beside us in this journey of Gurupragya. I would like everyone to join the journey of success, integrity and perfection with us.